Pinal County Issues Worth Fighting For

New Leadership


Our county is in need of a fresh new perspective built on Arizona values. Mike will bring strong new leadership to the Assessor's office that is focused on integrity, transparency, and trust. He has an accomplished track record of leading people and communities to achieve great things and will bring that mindset to the county Assessor's office. 

Community Voice


The people of our county have not been listened to for far too long. Mike is a true "People's Champion". Mike has proven experience serving his community as a public school teacher and community relations director. He has the right attitude and personality to connect and reach all the people of Pinal County. Mike has a gift of building positive relationships and will use that to capture the voice of everyone.

Fair Property Assessments


Property owners deserve a positive customer experience and a leader that will passionately listen. Whether you are a first time home buyer, CEO of a business, or 5th generation farmer, Mike will work hard to deliver fair, right, and just property tax valuations. Mike will listen to the needs and concerns of all property owners. He will use his power to serve the people and drive Pinal County forward.



Pinal County Seniors have not received the right treatment and service they deserve. Mike was raised by his grandmother and understands first hand the issues impacting seniors. Mike will fight to provide our seniors the best in class service and access to information. He will work side by side with seniors to help them understand their rights and programs available to them. From "Senior Freeze" to exemptions, Mike will be there.

Jobs and the Economy


It is time to respect old traditions and embrace new opportunities. Pinal County is open for business! As a former businessman and current educator, Mike knows the positive impact a strong and healthy economy has on a community. He will work with city, county, and state leadership to drive growth, create jobs, and bring new opportunities to our area. As a lifelong resident of Arizona, Mike knows Pinal County industry well. He values what the agriculture, technology and manufacturing community bring to this county.

Education and Business


The business and education community deserve more involvement from the Assessor's office. As an educator, Mike is well aware of the impact property valuations have on schools and the community. Mike will commit to keep children and families a priority. In addition, Mike will identify new ways to make it easier to do business in our county by working with local business leaders to develop systems and processes aimed at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the Assessor's office.

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